Security Marcom writes and produces custom marketing communications materials for solution providers in the cyber security industry.

Marketing Communications for Cyber Security Companies

For over 20 years, Security Marcom has specialized in developing custom cyber security marketing communications, content marketing, and sales enablement materials for cyber security solution providers. We can provide overflow support for your product and service launches, as well as ongoing marketing communications and content marketing services – so you can stay lean.

Cyber Security Marketing Communications, Since 1995

  • Experience. For over two decades, Security Marcom has helped cyber security industry leaders market and sell their solutions and services. We’ve developed more than 500 custom marketing communications and sales documents.
  • Clients. Our past clients include Trend Micro, Symantec, SAP, HP, Tata, Sprint, Unisys, Verizon, Sprint, and many more.
  • Knowledge. We know cyber security. Our long history of delivering content marketing materials to industry leaders in cyber security gives us the experience we need to produce high quality deliverables.
  • Vision. Our senior writers understand how cyber security is intertwined with big data, bring-your-own device, the Internet of Things, cloud security, regulatory requirements, and more.
  • Services. We research, write, illustrate, design, and layout custom white papers, brochures, web sites, sales enablement materials, articles, messaging, case studies, presentations and webcasts, infographics, multi-media, and more.
  • Deliverables. You brand and fully own all custom deliverables that Security Marcom produces for you.

Cyber Security Marketing Communications: Our Samples

Following are representative samples of Security Marcom custom documents – mouse over the images below to view sample titles and to download them:

cyber security marketing communications
Data Breaches
View Sample Document About Data Breaches
cyber security content marketing

Big Data Security

View Sample Document About Big Data

Firewall Operational Automation

View Sample Document About Firewall Operational Automation
cyber security content marketing

Secure Cloud Services

View Sample Document About Secure Cloud Services
cyber security marketing communications
Critical Infrastructure Protection
View Sample Document About Critical Infrastructure Protection
cyber security content marketing

DDOS Attacks

View Sample Document About DDOS Attacks
cyber security marketing communications

Cloud Security Infrastructure

View Sample Document About Cloud Security Infrastructure
cyber security content marketing

Data Center Security

View Sample Document About Data Center Security
cyber security marketing communications

Identity & Data Protection

View Sample Document About Identity & Data Protection
cyber security content marketing

Cloud-Based Antivirus

View Sample Document About Cloud-Based Antivirus
cyber security content marketing

Security as a Service

View Sample Document About Security as a Service
cyber security marketing communications

Multifactor Authentication

View Sample Document About Multifactor Authentication

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“For several years, they have been instrumental in our ability to effectively communicate our expertise, knowledge, and the benefits of our solutions to a range of audiences.”

Eva Chen, CEO & Co-founder, Trend Micro