Following are security writing success stories that are representative of our many engagements over the last 22 years:

Symantec Corporation

Symantec Corporation chose us to provide white papers, technology briefs, solution descriptions, and fact sheets on a range of Symantec solutions.

Our Solution
Our long experience providing marketing and technical communications in the information security industry enabled us to provide Symantec the documents it needed. Long known for our ability to produce clear, concise, prose for high-tech companies, we were an excellent choice for Symantec. Our deliverables to Symantec included white papers, technology briefs, solution descriptions, and fact sheets on Symantec solutions across a range of enterprise security and administration areas, including desktop computer operating system migration, remote control software for helpdesk applications, virus protection, content filtering, wireless LAN security, and more.

Benefits of Our Services
During a period of rapid change in the cyber security industry, we provided Symantec a reliable business service. Our services helped Symantec effectively communicate its message and reach its target audiences quickly and efficiently. By offering the viable alternative of outsourcing writing services to a firm with significant bandwidth, we further increased Symantec’s flexibility and responsiveness. Providing these high quality services indirectly helped support Symantec’s business goals, reinforce its identity, and further strengthen its brand.

Trend Micro

Since 1995, we have provided white papers, trade journal articles, opinion editorials, and other materials to meet the expanding communication needs of cyber security firm Trend Micro.

Our Solution
Since 1995, we have met Trend Micro’s ongoing need for well written collateral and technical materials. For a period of years, whenever Trend Micro’s U.S. offices sought to outsource writing tasks related to its solutions, our staff responded by providing high quality documents—often on tight schedules. During Trend Micro’s period of rapid growth, we provided the words for many of Trend Micro’s insightful white papers on topics including macro viruses, border security, security policies, and malicious code in the wireless infrastructure. We also wrote a range of other documents for Trend Micro, including trade journal articles, success stories, and opinion editorials.

Benefits of Our Services
Our timely, persuasive documents helped communicate