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For over 20 years, Security Marcom has specialized in providing marketing materials for solution providers in the cyber security space. We can help you too: we are expert cyber security writers.

Reasons to Hire Security Marcom

  • We are expert writers in this space. We have provided custom marketing materials, white papers, and more on cyber security to Trend Micro, Symantec, SAP, HP, Tata, Sprint, Unisys, Verizon, and many more.
  • We know cyber security. Our senior writers deliver content about cutting edge cyber security issues and solutions. We also write for leading enterprises in the mobility, cloud services, telecommunications, networking, and enterprise software space. Hence, we understand how cyber security is intertwined with issues and technologies such as big data, bring-your-own-device, the Internet of Things, cloud security, and more.
  • We are an established agency with a long history. Since 1996, Security Marcom has delivered over 500 high-quality marketing communications to more than 25 clients.
  • We are currently offering a new client special. When you buy two deliverables, you get the third one free – call us to learn more.

It all adds up to the marketing communications team you need. Please view our infographic to learn more about the industry experience of our expert cyber security writers.

What Security Marcom Can Develop for You

Let Security Marcom help you market and sell your cyber security solutions and services. We provide copy, document design, illustration, and layout for:

  • Product launch materials, including collateral, website copy, blogs, and social media
  • Sales enablement materials, including sales guides/playbooks, email campaigns, lead qualification scripts, ROI calculators/worksheets, case studies, and customer presentations
  • White papers, infographics, and more

Read Our Latest Article on Cyber Security Marketing

What do today’s business customers really want from cyber security vendors and developers? We think they want:

  • Solid information, rational discussion, and innovation
  • Better ways to solve old problems and calmly address new challenges
  • Sound explanations and credible facts

Yet many cyber security companies continue to market cyber security by frightening potential customers about the latest attack—and what those attacks can do to them. Fear and doubt certainly are motivators, but they are seldom the basis for successful, long-term relationships.

Increasingly, leading cyber security companies recognize the folly of fear-mongering and resist the temptation to use scare tactics. Their marketing, product direction, and outreach reflect a saner, calmer approach. Three traits seem to typify this trend:

  • Be informative: Educate through solid, objective data
  • Be innovative: Offer state-of-the-art technology and service
  • Be inclusive: Foster and promote rational inter-industry discussion on key issues

By adopting these three cyber security marketing trends, vendors can build trust and a more engaging (and lasting) customer experience.

Is your approach to the marketing of your cyber security solutions informative, innovative, and inclusive? Check out our latest LinkedIn article to help you answer this question.

The Next Step

Contact Security Marcom today to receive a free, no-obligation cost estimate and schedule for custom product launch materials, sales enablement materials, white papers, or infographics.

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“We have used them to produce a number of security white papers and have been blow away with the results.”

Amy Thomas, Director of Marketing, InfoArmor